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The Paranormal/Quantum Hologram

Theory of ET Contact


Reinerio Hernandez, J.D., MCP, PhD. Candidate

Co-Founder, FREE

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

Max Planck

Note: I would like to thank my colleagues Ralph Steiner and Dr. Rudy Schild who provided useful editorial comments.

This article will provide a summary of different ways that humans may encounter non-human intelligent beings, a phenomenon which for simplification purposes, we shall refer to as “ET contact”. Our primary focus will be on interactions with beings usually associated with unidentified flying objects; UFOs.  

In the paragraphs that follow, we are going to approach this subject from an entirely novel conceptual viewpoint – the Paranormal/Quantum Hologram Theory of ET contact (“PQH Theory”). The PQH approach views UFO contact as a complex phenomenon that can potentially be explained by the physics of an all-pervasive multi-dimensional Quantum Hologram (QH). The QH Theory is a proposed framework in modern physics that can encompass the physical as well as the spiritual and other so-called “paranormal” aspects of our reality.

In our culture, people often attempt to understand the phenomenon of alleged ET contact by artificially classifying the subject into two distinct and non-related categories. On one hand, there are claimed mental or telepathic interactions with a “spirit world” that may involve the “channeling” of information from unseen entities. Secondly, there is direct physical contact where actual flying vehicles and humanoid beings are sighted. The vehicles and beings then interact with our senses and the physical environment. These two distinct categories of anomalous experience have been accepted with very little question by mainstream ufologists. Seldom do the two worlds overlap in the minds of hard core researchers. The UFO phenomenon however, is demonstrably more complex than that, and often times, both types of interactions will occur during the same contact events. Researchers who cannot recognize this are thus missing important aspects of this profoundly mysterious set of phenomena. I would argue that a fundamental characteristic of the contact experience thus remains unrecognized, and that the whole picture is not being accurately represented.

The Quantum Hologram Theory is an extremely complex and flexible model derived from quantum physics. This theory has the potential to help us explain and perhaps even to predict many of the phenomena traditionally associated with ET contact that we tend to regard as “paranormal”, or seeming to defy known physical laws.

What exactly is a “hologram”? The term first entered popular culture in the early 1960s, and is primarily associated with a form of 3D photography where objects to be photographed are illuminated by a laser beam and are essentially captured “in the round”. Lightwaves bouncing off of objects in space then collide and form “interference patterns” which intersect and encode all of the spacial information about the illuminated objects 180 degrees around them. Additionally, holographic photography exhibits a very strange property: Any fragment of a holographic film contains all the information to reproduce the entire original 3D scene, no matter how small the fragment. Thus, the term “holographic” has come to refer to a condition where a fragment contains all of the information to reconstruct the whole of which it was a part. Therefore, in popular language, holograms have thus become synonymous “holism”, unity, and the principle of “as above, so below.” A short precise definition of holography is a way of encoding and recording vast amounts of information by using intersecting bundles of cascading and reflecting waves. Given that quantum physics is predicated upon the concept that all of creation is built up of particles that also act like waves, it is only a natural extension of current theory to postulate that naturally occurring holographic processes should also manifest throughout the universe.

Early holographic theories were first proposed by the celebrated physicist/mathematician David Bohm, and a neurophysiologist named Karl Pribram who was attempting to understand how information is stored in the brain. 

The newly formulated Quantum Hologram theory states that our universe, instead of being a 3-dimensional spatial construct, is actually more like a holographic image built up by interacting vibratory waves, like colliding ripples on the surface of a pond. This is a difficult concept for non-physicists to understand, but the movie “The Matrix” might provide a visual reference for what this multi-dimensional reality could be like.  

The Quantum Hologram Theory postulates that at the subatomic scale of matter, the realm of the super small, everything in the universe is interconnected and not separate. Even though our physical senses and our brain might perceive the world as solid, we may actually live within a vibrating energy matrix composed of fluctuating particle-waves. Viewed from this perspective, our perceptions of physical solidity and spatial separation are illusions. Ideas that run parallel to this notion can be found in many ancient mystical and spiritual traditions the world over.

If this principle can be established as true within the framework of Western science, there would be, for example, no fundamental distinction between ET contact events that might or might not involve the sighting of a physical craft. A mental or telepathic interaction could be seen as potentially just as valid and just as testable. Scientists would then have a new paradigm from which to ask questions and design experiments.

Furthermore, this new holographic theory challenges us to deconstruct the artificial wall of separation erected between events that occur only in consciousness, and those that can manifest on a physical scale. We may now have a powerful new tool for probing some of the most profound mysteries of human experience.

One approach to the study of alleged ET contact is to strictly focus upon the spiritual and paranormal aspects of this phenomenon. Historically, a great deal of human literature has zeroed in on this aspect of anomalous contact in general, as reflected in the many religious, secular and folkloric traditions which discuss interactions with spiritual beings. This spiritual/paranormal approach has recently become very popular once again with the introduction of numerous reality TV shows whose focus is on ghosts and spirits. In essence, our popular culture is gradually making a 180 degree turn away from its all pervasive mainstream acceptance of mechanical materialism.

Historically, this is somewhat of a return to earlier attitudes. During the late 1800s, “Spiritism” and “Spiritualism” movements were quite popular, even within the scientific community, where the “spirit world” was regarded as a legitimate subject for research. It also provided a popular outlet for social gatherings such as parlor séances in Europe and the US.

The 19th Century Spiritism movement eventually gave rise to the Theosophical Society in the late 1800s, where the phenomena of extrasensory perception (ESP) became popular subjects of practice and study; mental telepathy, psychokinesis, spirit channeling, precognition, “spiritual healing”, near death experiences (NDEs), out of body experiences (OBEs), scrying–now called remote viewing, ghosts, poltergeists, reincarnation, human energy fields or auras, and so forth. These exotic, somewhat elusive human abilities would eventually be pressed into service when exploring the emerging ET contact phenomenon that surfaced following World War II.

A second approach to understanding ET contact is to view it strictly as a physical phenomenon as exemplified by the traditional “nuts and bolts” attitude of mainstream ufology. This approach has amassed an enormous amount of compelling physical and photographic evidence over many decades. Unfortunately, it has also failed to deliver a definitive “smoking gun” example of an intact and indisputable alien spacecraft into the laps of the scientific community. Some would argue that clandestine military projects have indeed recovered such irrefutable evidence, but such material has never been openly shared with the public. Civilian “nuts and bolts” UFO groups have actually given us plenty of hard core circumstantial evidence suggesting that UFOs do indeed represent vehicles of unknown origin. That evidence however, has never been officially allowed to deliver the “knock-out punch” needed to convince recalcitrant skeptics and media pundits. Professional debunkers have successfully continued to use ridicule to suppress this overwhelming body of evidence. Regardless, nuts and bolts ufology has done its homework well. If allowed into a court of law without prejudice, the evidence in favor of physical UFO reality would be more than convincing.

Ufologists who have favored the nuts and bolts approach have tended to shy away from subjective claims of telepathic contact and visionary experiences associated with UFO sightings. They generally have distrusted individuals who have claimed to be “contactees”, many of whom have reported highly complex and sophisticated interactions with non-human intelligence.

Starting primarily during the early 1950s, a popular “Contactee Movement” emerged during numerous waves of UFO sightings that occurred over the US, Western and Eastern Europe. Individuals claiming to have been approached by “saucernauts” became quite vocal. They formed national organizations, gave public lectures, authored pamphlets, books, and even lobbied government agencies.

Contactees frequently claimed to have received ethical and spiritual messages from visiting extraterrestrials. They often reported hearing warnings about nuclear weapons, environmental destruction, and messages promoting world peace. According to the early contactees, ETs offered to help human beings attain a greater level of spiritual awareness, and to help us to solve many of the most vexing problems on Earth.

Nuts and bolts ufologists often tried to distance themselves from such claims, fearing to be associated with hoaxers who could discredit their research.

Meanwhile, a shift began to occur regarding the nature of UFO contact in the early 1960s. Reports of friendly ET contacts diminished, to be gradually replaced by reports describing clinical, even hostile-seeming “abductions” of humans onto alien craft, where they were subjected to invasive physical examinations.

“Abductees” began to report gynecological-like exams where reproductive material was taken from both men and women. Women reported mysterious pregnancies that would appear and then suddenly vanish. Victims often reported having physical implants inserted into their bodies, similar to tracking devises that human conservationists attach to the bodies of endangered species. Beginning in the early 1990s, a significant number of such alleged anomalous implants have actually been recovered by surgeons. These artifacts may represent convincing physical evidence supporting the core abduction hypothesis.

Men and women have both reported a phenomenon that became known as “missing time”, a form of telepathically enforced amnesia whereby abductees could not account for hours on board strange craft. The use of hypnotic regression to re-kindle these allegedly suppressed memories became very popular during the 80s and 90s. During these decades, the abduction phenomenon rose to prominence, gradually displacing earlier claims of friendly encounters with ET.

Nuts and bolts ufologists who tended to favor a materialist interpretation of the phenomenon gradually and cautiously began to accept the abduction scenario as the only legitimate form of human-ET contact case worthy of study. The abduction scenario appeared to fit well with and to reinforce a set of assumptions that flowed from our experience and social history: Invasion, conquest, exploitation are the human norms; why should we expect ETs to behave any differently toward us?

The spiritually and ethically oriented contactee reports of the past lost legitimacy, and were all but forgotten. Ufology had entered an era of one-sided myopia. This however, may be about to change.

A deeper look into the UFO contact phenomenon reveals the opposite. Rather than strictly adhering to a nuts and bolts physical presentation, these encounters readily display very complex interactions that involve both physical and consciousness-oriented paranormal components. There is communication, empathy, physical healing, attempts to transmit spiritual insights and to awaken a broader awareness in the humans who are being contacted. The common use of telepathy and altered states of consciousness are reported. Numerous modern contactees have also reported receiving telepathic “downloads” of scientific or technical information from their hosts, much of which is well beyond the understanding or the educational levels of these percipients.

There are even reports of “mass abductions” where hundreds, perhaps thousands of humans at a time have been allegedly taken onboard huge spacecraft where they are subjected to environmentally-oriented indoctrination sessions, and where ETs implore them to take responsibility for saving the planet.

If one takes into consideration the full diversity of the modern day UFO contact experience, one is left with a scenario that departs sharply from the standard abduction motif.

Today, one can make a strong argument that a full-spectrum, unfiltered description of the ET contact experience is more closely aligned with the spiritual and paranormal claims of the early contactees. These descriptions also include paranormal occurrences that would be readily explainable within the Quantum Hologram Theory being outlined within this article.

Numerous investigators and scholars have substantiated the strong spiritual and paranormal aspects of ET contact phenomena. In my opinion, the preeminent academic study that crossed the boundary between the physical versus the spiritual paradigms is a work entitled “The Omega Project: Near Death Experiences, UFO Encounters, and Mind at Large” by Dr. Kenneth Ring, one of the world’s top academic students of Near Death Studies.

“The Omega Project” compared a large sample of several hundred individuals who had claimed either a Near Death Experience or an “Abduction” experience. Please note that both of these population groups claimed to have experienced “human contact with non-human intelligences”, be they angelic spirit guides, deceased relatives, or visiting extraterrestrials. Dr. Ring’s conclusion, also shared by many ET contact researchers, is that both the NDE and UFO abduction experiencers are basically the same person!

Dr. Ring states that “… the most striking findings of the Omega Project, and perhaps the most thought-provoking, are those that point to a pervasive pattern of wide-ranging and powerful psychophysical changes following either a UFO abduction or NDE experience.” A “psychophysical” change refers to an alteration that involves both MIND and BODY. Dr. Ring states that these encounters may actually “REPROGRAM” an experiencer’s “physiological and nervous system so as to make that individual inwardly and environmentally more sensitive”.  

Dr. Ring’s observations regarding the belief and value shifts that occurred to both NDE and UFO abduction experiencers are just as startling. He states they “are tantamount to an entirely new worldview”. Here are just a few of his findings:

1) both groups became more altruistic, bearing greater social concern; an increase in spirituality and a decrease in materialism;
2) an increased concern for ecological and planetary welfare;
3) both experiencers did not become more religious, rather they become more spiritual;
4) both groups agreed that “we are in the midst of an evolutionary spurt toward greater spiritual awareness and higher consciousness”;
5) UFO experiencers agree that “higher order intelligences” are NOT exploiting the planet and “overwhelmingly concur with the assertion that higher intelligences are concerned with the earth’s welfare”.  

Dr. Ring’s exhaustive study clearly illustrates an unequivocal congruence between contact experiences that seem to originate from the “spirit world”, and ET contact experiences derived from allegedly physical UFO abduction encounters.

Dr. Ring has also established that UFO contactees appear to have frequently experienced the following “paranormal” phenomena: Extrasensory perception (ESP); precognition; psychokinesis; the ability to channel; have engaged in “spiritual healing”; had experienced NDEs and/or OBEs either before or after the UFO experience; were able to remote view; encountered various spirits, ghosts, poltergeists after their UFO contact; were able to see human auras, and so on.

Observations corroborating those of Dr. Ring can also be found in the research studies and books authored by many members of FREE’s Board of Advisors. Those scholars and authors include Mary Rodwell, Barbara Lamb, Dr. Jon Klimo, Marilyn Hughes, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Whitley Strieber, as well as the observations and writings of the late Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. John Mack.

For all of the above reasons, I now approach ET contact from a non-traditional perspective, one that embraces both spiritual and paranormal aspects, as well as decisively physical manifestations.

How then can one explain this interplay between the so-called “spiritual” and material worlds presented to us by the UFO evidence? I argue that interactions between human and non-human entities unfold within a quantum holographic universe where there is no fundamental separation between “us” and “them”. The Quantum Hologram Theory is fully capable of elucidating complex interactions between the “spiritual” and the “physical” aspects of these phenomena, which in fact are not separate, but are two faces of one reality.

As stated at the beginning of this article, there are numerous mechanisms whereby human beings may experience contact with non-human intelligence. For nuts and bolts ufologists, it has been difficult to understand how non-human entities appear not to be constrained by the tangible realities of vast distances, physical spaceships, planets and stars; how they may walk through walls or speak mind-to-mind. These beings don’t simply fly around in physical UFOs. They also appear to traverse non-physical realms as readily as we do the physical.

Likewise, for tens of thousands of human near-death survivors, their “spiritual” experiences are perceived as even MORE real to them than the reality that you and I normally inhabit. Thanks to the ground breaking work of scholars like Dr. Kenneth Ring, Mary Rodwell, Barbara Lamb, the late Dr. John Mack, and so many others, we are beginning to understand how these issues are connected. With help from the new Paranormal Quantum Hologram Theory, as articulated by other members of our Advisory Board, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Rudy, Schild, and Ralph Steiner, we are now able to grasp precisely how our solid-seeming 3D reality is in fact, an illusion. Once our “spiritual eyes” are opened by sudden contact with these other dimensions, that condition assumes predominance, and we are forever transformed by that realization.

Thus we have established a new framework, the Paranormal/Quantum Hologram Theory of ET Contact, for understanding that there are multiple paths toward contact with non-human intelligence. Let us now summarize various ways that humans may experience such contact:

Some people report being physically taken onboard UFO craft. Others report contact that is purely mental, telepathic or “spiritual” in nature. Still others claim to have been telepathically given gifts of advanced scientific knowledge that may someday be of great help to humanity. All such encounter experiences are valid. We need to honor them as legitimate phenomena to be studied in ufological circles, and we also need to recognize them as potential fountainheads of a much deeper wisdom which can be explained via my proposed Paranormal/Quantum Hologram Theory of ET Contact.

Below is a list of common non physical ET contact modalities, and links where you may acquire additional information about them.  


This topic is very dear to me. After my interaction, together with my 10 year daughter and 3 adult friends, with a football stadium size craft in late August of 2012, I was “instructed” to spend anywhere from 12 to 18 hours per day reading ONLY NDE and Consciousnesses Studies books until December of 2012. My wife was very concerned for me but was understanding because she has also seen many huge crafts and had experienced many paranormal experiences as well.  

I had never spoken with anyone, except with my wife, about the topic of NDEs and Consciousness Studies until 4 months later, a week before Christmas. In a 3 day period, Friday to Sunday, for the first time in my life, I began to have conversations on NDEs-- the first two were strangers and the last was my own father. I won the lottery each time because all 3 told me about their NDEs where they floated above their bodies, saw and heard everything around them including their dead body, went into a tunnel, saw the light at the end of the tunnel, met previously deceased relatives, met a “higher angelic being” that each identified as “God”, and in the case of my father, a life review which lasted in his opinion 20 years. The first 3 times I ever spoke about NDEs after my interaction with that huge craft I “hit the lottery” 3 days in a row-- all 3 individuals had NDEs! Was this a coincidence? I do not think so.

This experience profoundly impacted me. That Sunday evening after I left my father’s house, I looked up to the sky and spoke to GOD and these ETs and told them the following: Congratulations, you have managed in 4 months to convert a complete atheist material rationalist and highly educated individual into an individual who has more faith in God, the spirit world, life after death, than any Catholic priest in Miami, Florida. It was at this time that I realize that these ETs had a mission for me and they needed a “quick awakening” in order for me to accomplish their mission.

Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are probably the most publicized vehicle that individuals experienced contact with non-human intelligent beings. As first defined by Dr. Raymond Moody in 1975 in his book, “Life After Life”, experiences which occur at the time of a person’s clinical death which reveal aspects of the afterlife experience and a variety of sub-clinical findings including but not limited to: Ineffability, Hearing the News, Feelings of Peace and Quiet, the Noise, the Dark Tunnel, Out of the Body, Meeting Others, the Being of Light, the Review, the Border or Limit and Coming Back.

Thousands of People have reported having Near Death Experiences which completely change their lives when they return from them. A majority of individuals who have had NDEs see and interact with non-human intelligent beings, who they believe to be dead spirits, angels, and even God.  

Some of the characteristics of their new lives include less interest in the material world, a more charitable spirit, a sense of purpose for their lives and a desire to do good thing which will benefit others.  

The following are additional resources on NDEs where individuals have had contact with non-human intelligent beings:



Another vehicle where individuals have had contact with non-human intelligent beings is via with Mystical Meditation, also known as “Mystical Travel”, which is associated with a very deep level of meditation or secluded prayer. Many hundreds of mystics, both religious and non religious mystics, have encountered many different types of beings, including angels, energy beings, fairies, the “Greys”, other human looking ETs, mantid beings, and many others, in their mystical meditative travels. These have even been reported by many Buddhists monks, religious figures in all faiths, shamanic healers, many individuals on meditation retreats, and thousands of “Experiencers”.

The following is an example of Mystical Travel of just one component of of this phenomena associated with “mystical theology” from the Catholic Encyclopedia, A. Poulain, Robert Appleton Co, 1912.

“Mystical theology is the science which treats acts and experiences or states of the soul which cannot be produced by human effort or industry even with the ordinary aid of Divine graces. It comprises among its subjects all extraordinary forms of prayer, the higher forms of contemplation in all their varieties or gradations, private revelations, visions, and the union growing out of these between God and the soul, known as the mystical union. As the science of all that is extraordinary in the relations between the Divinity and the human spirit, mystical theology is the complement of ascetical, which treats of . . . perfection and of its acquisition by the practice of virtue, particularly by the observance of the counsels . . .

What strictly comes within the province of mystical theology is the study of the processes of active and passive purification through which a soul must pass to reach the mystical union. Although the active processes are also treated to some extent in ascetical theology, they require special study inasmuch as they lead to contemplation. They comprise: purity of conscience, or aversion even to the slightest sin; purity of heart, the heart being taken as the symbol of the affections, which to be pure must be free of attachments to anything that does not lead to God; purity of the spirit, i.e. of the imagination and memory; and purity of action.” 

The following are excellent sources to begin to learn about Mystical Meditation, also known as Mystical Travel, where individuals have had contact with non-human intelligent beings:  




Another well known way that individuals have had contact with non-human intelligent beings is via Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). The experience is characterized often by a series of experiences which lead to a general awakening within the soul. These can include seeing lights, auras, becoming aware of energies, presences, ghosts and having an acute awareness of the feelings of other people, as well as, a general hunger which emerges for spiritual knowledge. 

A totally conscious Out-of-Body Experience will generally follow a certain pattern of occurrences.

  • Becoming conscious while sleeping.
  • A strong vibrational impetus felt both physically and spiritually.
  • Many voices speaking all at once.
  • A huge noise, like the sound of a jet engine right next to your ear or a freight train.
  • An awareness of the separate nature of the spirit from the body, sometimes a ‘falling out’ of the body either entirely, or in portions, i.e. a hand or a leg.
  • Most people, but not all, will experience a sudden connection to the Divine which emanates into their soul as an overpowering and unconditional love, and a sudden understanding of all mysteries. But it is this unitive love which often overwhelms the soul, as it cannot imagine the Love of God without a gift from the Holy Spirit and it is all encompassing.
  • The actual experience of separating from the physical body and witnessing the two distinct identities of the spirit and body. 

From ‘The Hammer of Mysticism, by Marilynn Hughes (FREE Advisory Board Member) (

“Afterwards, Out-of-Body Travel can then commence into simple mortal realm travel, of the earth – or fourth dimensional travel, Astral Travel – or multi-dimensional travel, Out-of-Body Travel. It can progress into much higher spiritual understandings and visitations if the experiencer remains open to the promptings of the will of God in the process.”

“Out-of-Body Travel is a form of inter-dimensional travel which can involve travel to the infinite realms of higher, middle and lower vibration; the heavens, purgatories and hells. It can also include travels to places within the mortal realms, the realms wherein the battles between good and evil reside (dimensions three and four).” 

The following are other excellent sources to begin to learn about Out of Body Travel Experiences (OBEs) where individuals can have contact with non-human intelligent beings.



Yet another way that individuals have had contact with non-human intelligent beings is via Remote Viewing. Many remote viewers, including Ingo Swann and Courtney Brown, and so many others, have encountered many diverse non-human intelligent beings in their remote viewing sessions.

The following is from the “Controlled Remote Viewing Manua”, Attributed to Ingo Swann, Major Paul H. Smith and other Writers, Public Record of the DIA

Remote Viewing: The name of a method of psychoenergetic perception. A term coined by SRI-International and defined as "the acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked from ordinary perception by distance, shielding or time .

Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV): The process of remote viewing using geographic coordinates for cueing or prompting.

Remote Viewer: Often referred to in the text simply as "viewer," the remote viewer is a person who employs his mental faculties to perceive and obtain information to which he has no other access and of which he has no previous knowledge concerning persons, places, events, or objects separated from him by time, distance, or other intervening obstacles.

Monitor: The individual who assists the viewer in a remote viewing session. The monitor provides the coordinate, observes the viewer to help insure he stays in proper structure (discussed below), records relevant session information, provides appropriate

feedback when required, and provides objective analytic support to the viewer as necessary. The monitor plays an especially important role in training beginning viewers.

Remote Viewing Session: In a remote viewing session an individual or "viewer" attempts to acquire and describe by mental means alone information about a designated site. The viewer is not told what the site is that must be described but is provided a cue or prompt which designates the site.

Session Dynamics: In conducting a coordinate remote viewing session, a remote viewer and a monitor begin by seating themselves at the opposite ends of a table in a special remote viewing room equipped with paper and pens, a tape recorder, and a TV camera which allows either recording for documentation, or monitoring by individuals outside the room. The room is homogeneously-colored, acoustic-tiled, and featureless,

with light controlled by a dimmer, so that environmental distractions can be minimized. The session begins when the monitor provides cueing or prompting information (geographic coordinates in this case) to the remote viewer. The remote viewer is given no additional identifying information, and at this point has no conscious knowledge of the actual site. For training purposes, the monitor is allowed to know enough about the

site to enable him to determine when accurate versus inaccurate information is being provided. The session then proceeds with the monitor repeating the prompting information at appropriate intervals and providing necessary feedback. The remote viewer generates verbal responses and sketches, until a coherent response to the

overall task requirement emerges.

Post Session Dynamics: After the session is over, the remote viewer and monitor obtain specific information about the site in picture/descriptive form. The remote viewer and monitor then discuss the session results.

Background: In early 1980, an SRI - International (SRI-I) subcontractor developed a training procedure known as Coordinate Remote Viewing to satisfy R&D demands on SRI-I to enhance the reliability (scientific replicability) of remote viewing (RV). The subcontractor's approach to improving the reliability of RV was to focus on the control of those factor that in his view tend to introduce "noise" into the RV product (imaginative, environmental, and interviewer overlays). The basic components of this

training procedure consist of:

(1) Repeated site-address (geographic coordinate) presentation, with quick-reaction response by the remote viewing; coupled with a restrictive format for reporting perceived information (to minimize imaginative overlays).

(2) The use of a specially-designed, acoustic-tiled, relatively featureless, homogeneously-colored "viewing chamber" (to minimize environmental overlays).

(3) The adoption of a strictly-prescribed, limited interviewer patter (to minimize interviewer overlays). The training procedure requires that the trainee learn a progressive, multi-stage acquisition process postulated to correspond to increased contact with the site. At present there are six "stages" of training. In general, these stages progress as follows:

"Stage I" sites (islands, mountains, deserts, etc.).

"Stage II" sites (sites of quality sensoryvalue--sites which are uniquely describable through touch, taste, sound, color, or odor—such as glaciers, volcanoes, industrial plants, etc.).

"Stage III" sites (sites possessing significant dimensional characteristics such as buildings, bridges, airfields, etc.).

"Stage IV" sites for which the trainee begins to form qualitative mental percepts (technical area, military feeling, research, etc.).

"Stage V" sites for which the trainee learns to "interrogate" qualitative mental percepts in an attempt to product analytical target descriptions (aircraft tracking radar, biomedical research facility, tank production plant, etc.).

"Stage VI" sites which involve the trainee in direct, three-dimensional assessment and modeling of the site and/or the relationship of site elements to one another (airplanes inside one of three camouflaged hangars or a military compound with a command building, barracks, motor pool, and underground weapons storage area).”

To learn more about Remote Viewing and how individuals have encountered non-human intelligent beings please review the following:  



I believe the most famous way, or method, that individuals have encountered non-human intelligent beings is through the practices of the Shaman-- Shamanism.  

From the Oxford Dictionary

“Shamanism is a practice that involves a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world. A shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, who typically enters into a trance state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing.”

From ‘The Shamans of Prehistory,’ Jean Clottes, David Lewis Williams, 1998

“Shamans are "ritual practitioners in hunting-and-gathering societies who enter altered states of consciousness to achieve a variety of ends that include healing the sick, foretelling the future, meeting spirit animals and beings, changing the weather, and controlling real animals by supernatural means"

From God’s and Myths of Ancient Europe, H.R. Ellis Davidson, 1964 

“The shaman acts as intermediary between the world of men and the gods, and has the power to descend into the realms of the dead. His spirit is believed to journey forth from his body, which remains in a state of trance. Sometime the long journey which it takes is described by him in a chant. Sometimes he induces the conditions of ecstasy by beating his drum or by an elaborate and exciting dance"

To learn more about Shamanism and how the Shaman communicates with non-human intelligent beings, please review the following:

  • Bollingen/dp/0691119422
  • keywords=Shamans+and+Shamanism%2C+John+Lee+Maddox&rh=i%3Aaps%2 Ck%3AShamans+and+Shamanism\c+John+Lee+Maddox
  • Redemption/dp/1434827186/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1394411209&sr=8- 1&keywords=Medicine+woman+within+a+dream


By definition, Channeling and Mediumship involves communication with non-human intelligent beings. Our very own FREE Advisory Board member, Dr. Jon Klimo, has published the bestselling book on the topic of “Channeling” and his book of the same title has been translated into numerous languages. Dr. Klimo is also regarded by many to be the top academic on the topic of the paranormal.

From “Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources” by Dr. Jon Klimo, FREE Advisory Board Member.

“Given the fact that many consider the mind to be nonphysical, I should explain further the part of my definition of channeling that says channeling does not include information received from one’s own or from another embodied person’s mind (at least as usually defined). The mind of the ordinary self includes conscious and assorted altered stated like daydream and dream, as well as memories and the personal unconscious. We need to exclude such ordinary, embodied mind from being a channeling source if we are to separate the study of channeling from disciplines already established to investigate versions of simply “talking to oneself”, clinical and cognitive psychology, and telepathy and ESP communication between minds of embodied persons (parapsychology).”

“Variations on my definition of channeling have been formulated by fellow researchers; the field of channeling studies has yet to arrive at a consensus. Fellow channeling researcher Arthur Hastings, president of the California Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Menlo Park, California, shares my definition. He defines channeling as “the process in which a person transmits messages from a presumed discarnate source external to his or her consciousness.”

William Kautz, a pioneer in working with channels at his Center for Applied Intuition in San Francisco, has a more open definition of channeling with regard to possible sources of information. Using the term trance channeling, he defines it as “one form or aspect of mediumship” that “is a mental process in which an individual (the channel) partially or totally sets aside waking consciousness, to allow knowledge that lies beyond conscious awareness to flow into the mind.

To learn more about Channeling, and how we communicate with non-human intelligent beings, please refer to the following:

  • Paranormal/dp/1556432488/ref=la_B000APY6J6_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid= 1394417887&sr=1-1
  • Paranormal/dp/1556432488
  • alias%3Dstripbooks&field- keywords=channeling&sprefix=channeling%2Caps%2C188&rh=n%3A283155% 2Ck%3Achanneling


This method of communication with non-human intelligent beings, is yet very common and has become very popular with the various paranormal TV productions seen by millions of viewers. This type of communication includes the perception of “ghosts”, apparitions, poltergeists; engaging in directed communication with the “dead” via talented psychics and intermediary technologies.

From “The Hammer of Mysticism”, by Marilynn Hughes (

“Ghosts are the souls who have died and have been unable or unwilling to go onto the next life after death. This can be related to attachments they have to people they love or hate, or to duties they feel that they have not yet finished, desires to fulfill relationships that were left unfinished before their death, sometimes profoundly traumatic events, a horrific memory can hold a soul to the earth as a ghost as can another horrific spirit who either passed before or after them who seems to wish to keep them captive.

Probably two of the most common causes for souls to become Ghosts are

1.) a form of death which either happened so quickly or unexpectedly that they do not realize that they have died, or

2.) those who don’t have any spiritual beliefs before death – atheists, agnostics, sometimes are very confused when they die and they are not dead and have no idea where to go or what to do, and therefore, they just keep doing what they were doing where they were doing it. Because of this, their vibrational level does not increase significantly enough to recognize, acknowledge or simply ‘see’ these higher vibrational spiritual beings.

The primary issues as related to typical Ghosts/Lost Souls in what is required to help in crossing them over are

1.) helping them to accept their deceased status,

2.) listening to whatever it was that happened to them at the moment of death or during life

3.) making them feel safe with you in that you do really empathize and understand their trauma,

4.) making them aware that God still loves them despite the mistakes of their past life,

5.) making them aware that they have Guardian Angels on stand-by who will escort them to the next world as soon as they raise their vibration enough to become aware of them, able to see them, and able to respond to them.

6.) Releasing them to the Celestial Hierarchy….

According to Marilynn Hughes, the diversity of “multidimensional beings range to infinity, and their spectrum and range of expression are as vast as their spectrum and range of vibrational love.” “As the spectrum and range of the multidimensional beings from below range as vastly as the infinite expressions of vice and pure evil descend into dense and heavy matter and the lower vibrational spheres of the underworlds.”

To learn more about “Spirit world” communications, in my opinion, the best source is a document that is included in this menu section on Types of ET Contact Experiences. This “book” written specifically for FREE by our very own FREE Advisory Board member, Marilyn Hughes, is titled “The Hammer of Mysticism”. Other additional sources are as follows:


  • html


Lucid Dreaming is closely related to OBEs and many individuals have reported interactions with non-human intelligent beings through this experience.  

From ‘The Hammer of Mysticism, by Marilynn Hughes (

“Lucid Dreaming is usually a less conscious Out-of-Body Travel Experience. As God knows how much energy you can and cannot handle at any given time, many people experience lucid dreams – sans the process of leaving the body – in order to receive the spiritual import of the message within the experience. But you may not have any conscious recall of actual separation from their body.

Lucid Dreamers also very often try to control aspects of their dreams. And this can be helpful when working to overcome psychological issues, but whence these dreams enter into spiritual territory, it is always wisest to surrender to the will of God in such matters. This is because if you wish to control the experiences ourselves, you will limit them. You don’t know what you don’t know. God does. Surrendering to the will of God or that of ‘the Eternal’ will always help you to achieve a great deal more from these journeys.” 

From ‘The Candle of Vision,’ George William Russell, 1918,

“I was led by other dreams to assume that in the heart of sleep there is an intellectual being moving in a world of its own and using transcendental energies.”

To learn more about Lucid Dreams and how individual have had contact with non-human intelligent beings, please refer to the following sources:



A very familiar mechanism, or instrument, that many “Experieners” are familiar with that can induce communications with non-human intelligent beings is “Enhanced memory retrieval via hypnosis or guided relaxation”. Sounds complicated but let’s explore this topic a bit.

From ‘Encyclopedia of Psychic Science,’ Nandor Fodor, 1969

“’An empirical development of sleep’ (Meiers); a peculiar state of consciousness, artificially induced, which liberates subconscious powers in the subject, puts him en rapport with the hypnotizer . . . execute any of his suggestions, whether hypnotic or post-hypnotic, which do not conflict with deeper instincts of self-preservation and morality, and produces strange physiological effects as anesthesia and the remarkable control over organic processes of the body. Ordinary sleep is unstable and irresponsive, waking is easy and questions are unheeded. In hypnotic sleep, the waking stimulus are strongly resisted, the sleeper hears and answers. It’s stages have been variously defined, mostly as a result of individual practice.

The three classical states of hypnotism are thus described by Dr. Paul Joire:

1. Lethary, the state of complete relaxation with variable amount of anesthesia, with neuromuscular excitation as its fundamental characteristic. In this state the subject has the eyes closed and is generally only slightly open to suggestion.

2. Catalepsy, the eyes are open, the subject is as though petrified in the position which he occupies. Anesthesia is complete, and there is no sign of intelligence. Immobility is characteristic of this state.

3. Somnambulism. The condition of the eyes varies, the subject appears to sleep. Simple contact, or stroking along any limb is sufficient to render that limb rigid. Suggestability is the main characteristic of this state.”

In a state of hypnosis – or a guided relaxation state which can be self induced – a person is more likely to dip into the subconscious arena of memory retrieval and pull up memories of past lifetimes, UFO contactee experiences, lifetimes within the continuum of cellular memory or moments from their current past. These images can vary in their lucidity, and their alacrity.

To learn more about how Hynosis can bring about memories of interactions with non-human intelligent beings, please read the following:


Any books written on the topic of “Past Life Regression”, including the works of the following authors: Dolores Cannon, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss, and Dr. Bruce Goldberg.

The UFO alien abduction and contact literature is literally filled with countless books of Experiences being “regressed” using various “Hynosis Techniques” to try to extract UFO related contact experiences.  


Finally, yet another mechanism that individuals are experiencing contact with non-human intelligent beings is via the process of “Past Life Recall”. Past Lives, a concept found in Reincarnation, is the concept that the soul, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body. Reincarnation is the religious or philosophical concept that the soul or spirit, after biological death, begins a new life in a new body. This doctrine has been a pillar of the vast majority of historical indigenous cultures throughout the world including many many eastern religions/philosophy and many early Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is also a common belief of various ancient and modern religions such as Spiritism, Theosophy, Eckankar and is still found in many tribal societies around the world, including as far off as Siberia, West Africa, North America, Australia and Latin America.

There are literally thousands of books on Past Life Experiences. Some of the major authors in this field are as follows: Dolores Cannon, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Dr. Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss, among so many others. Many contactee researchers utilize “hypnotic regression” to investigate ET contact experiences and many also undertake past life regression techniques in their practices.

There are also thousands of books on the topic of Reincarnation, including the majority of ancient religious tests, many of the mystical writings, and many academic and non-academic literature. In addition, the extensive academic publications of Dr. Ian Stevenson, a professor of Professor and Chair of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, led to the first ever scientific and academic study of Reincarnation and the topic of Past Life Experiences. Dr. Stevens travelled extensively throughout the world documenting thousands of cases of children who claimed to remember past lives. His cases were thoroughly documented but received severe critical responses from his skeptic academic peers similar to any and all academic researcher in the paranormal field.

From “The Hammer of Mysticism” by Marilynn Hughes (

“The Remembrance of past lives . . . which can be on this planet or any other. And . . . they can be from the past or the future. One of the common misperceptions is that past lives must be retained in the ‘past.’ When in fact, the development of any human soul can utilize any time construct during their journey into ultimate unity which can include any time frame or period in any number of configurations, and in any order. Whichever order best pleases God, and which best serves the soul.”

From ‘The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians,’ Magus Incognito, 1918

“The Rosicrucians teach that these seven planets of our planetary chain are closely linked and connected by subtle etheric forces, and that there is a constant etheric current passing from one to the others and flowing ever through the entire circuit. These connected planets constitute the chain of worlds which is the series of homes of the individual soul, and the circuit of which is travelled by all individual souls. Not only does each individual soul now on earth reincarnate a number of times on this planet, but in the course of the ages it progresses to the next highest planet, just as in ages past it has progressed from the next lowest one. And this round of the chain of planets has been made several times by the human race in some form of existence, and will be made again several times.” “The planets of this chain of worlds are not identical in composition and nature with the earth; on the contrary there is a wide difference between the several planets in this respect. The earth is not the highest in development in this chain, but on the contrary is far down on the scale, although there are others still lower. The progress of the souls around this chain of worlds, however, is not merely like a circle in which the soul travels from the lowest to the highest, but is rather according to the plan of the spiral, in which the journey always returns to the starting point, but on a higher plane of activity.”

To learn more about now individuals can have contact with non-human intelligent beings via Past Life Recall or via Reincarnation, please review the following:

  • ops/home-page
  • About-Past-Life-Regression

Modern Miracles and

The Quantum Hologram


Dr. Rudy Schild

FREE Advisory Board Member

Emeritus research astronomer at the

Harvard/Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and

Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Cosmology

This new article was written specifically for our FREE website

and will be the first of many new articles from Dr. Schild

1. What are the Modern Miracles?

Lives of people are often affected by remarkable occurrences that cannot be explained by the precepts of modern science. There is a general sense that most of these phenomena occur within the brain, but seem to be otherwise un-explainable. The most common examples that I cite are:

  • Near-Death experiences
  • Past lives
  • Telepathy
  • Remote viewing
  • Precognition
  • Crop circles
  • Astrology
  • Orbs, balls of light
  • Ghosts, fairies
  • Deja-vu
  • UFO sightings
  • Abductions
  • Levitation

The response of our establishment, and particularly the University community has been basically “divide and conquer.” They are easily identified as simple mind phenomena, and dismissed as something that you read about in National Enquirer. “It’s just those NDE people again.” “He sees ghosts, Ha, Ha, Ha.” “Telepathy is just some simple empathy effect of the mind.” What is presently lacking is some overall understanding of what property of the mind, or of the Universe enables these phenomena.

But these phenomena are often quite real to the perceiver, who often feels let down by our scholarly research community. 

2. The Underlying Explanation

The Quantum Hologram (QH) formulation of the predominant description of all nature seems to offer understanding. This formulation has origins in several research threads, but perhaps the most prominent is the theoretical and mathematical consideration of mathematician Walter Shempp and Scientist/ Astronaut (APOLLO 14) Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

The key point is that the Quantum Hologram formulation sensibly explains all of the Modern Miracles.

The description quantum hologram applies because it is profoundly grounded in the concept that a quantum field underlies the entire description of all real, mass embodied objects in the physical Universe, down to the atomic description of matter. And it is described as a hologram because it allows for the description of higher dimensional reality in its physical dimensional properties. We are familiar with the way that a 2-dimensional hologram on a sheet of film illuminated by coherent laser light creates a 3-dimensional image apparent to the eye.

An important property of the quantum description is that it is not confined to the location of the object, and so is said to be non-local. Here, what is described by the word non-local means that when two particles collide, as in a particle accelerator, their recoil particles are conjoined over spaces of many miles, so that measurement of the properties of one particle causes instantaneous definition of the quantum state of the other over the vast distance. In particular, this con-joining occurs at speeds measured to be faster than the speed of light.

This is not a problem for the theory of relativity and the finite speed of light. Recall that the Einstein Special Theory of Relativity states that no particle can travel faster than light, but this does not seem to restrict the quantum description of particles.

a. Telepathy

A key component of the quantum description of all existence is that it is carried on a single quantum field, meaning that since all reality is carried on a single entity, the descriptions of all things are local to each other. This explains how so many things seem to be able to interact with one another. Thus in telepathy, since the mind of individual A is carried in the QH field shared with individual B, the two are closely in contact throughout spacetime, and telepathy is enabled.

This allows us to understand the nature of “emergent properties.” It has been noted that something seemingly simple like the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Illinois can produce a thunderstorm in Siberia 5 days later. Of course it is true that the butterfly’s miniscule atmospheric disturbance happened to be amplified by atmospheric convection currents over the Illinois cornfields, perhaps further amplified by jet exhaust and other atmospheric weather-related forces of many kinds, with the dramatic storm resulting. This combination of subtle effects, far to complicated to measure or understand or describe, and ordinarily seen to be unimportant and unrelated, produced the extreme weather remotely, and this is therefore discussed as a simple result of “emergent properties”.

b. Remote viewing

Thus we understand phenomena like remote viewing as arising as the emergent property of the act of consciousness, seen as a sentient being’s mental response to a distant observer’s viewing of reality. Since the remote viewer formulates a mental image of the scene, and the mental image is transmitted by the brain in a process similar to the brain’s receiving such information, and since the remote viewer and receiver share a description of the remote sight, the local viewer, with training, “tunes in” to the mental perception of the remote viewer. This property is assisted if the remote viewer and the local perceiver are friends or relatives, so that that the conjoining of the minds is a previously learned brain function. Similarly, some people can feel the unique presence of another known person by just “feeling their energy,” and it is un-surprising that, in this case, can even know from their “feeling” who the unseen person is.

c. Astrology

In a similar way, astrology is relatively easily understood. The current scientific view is that the solar system planets exert only tiny gravitational forces on any particle or life-form on earth, compared to the enormous gravity of the Earth itself, or of the Sun, and therefore there should be no astronomical connection between planets and human emotional state. But as we increasingly understand the nature of consciousness to involve a resonance with the quantum description of all matter, and since the quantum description of planetary locations and alignments can grossly affect this locally perceived consciousness component, astrology would naturally be enabled. In other words, because the description of the planetary masses shares the same quantum field as the description of consciousness because of non-locality, celestial planetary alignments can have more power over consciousness activity than implied by the classical physics gravity description would predict.

d. Ghosts, fairies

It seems that fewer people report seeing fairies today. It is no longer in our popular culture. It seems likely that fairies are a way of the human mind to accept the perception of something unfamiliar, like the appearance of any ethereal object, in terms of something culturally known, like fairies. Possibly the appearance of extraterrestrials long ago was misinterpreted as fairies at a past time when there was no way for most humans to mentally accept the appearance of extraterrestrials, as seen today.

The understanding of ghosts and other modern miracles requires acceptance of a new understanding of the nature of soul and human existence, as will the understanding of the other Modern Miracles.

e. Levitation

The following section contains a description grounded in the traditional scientific mathematics of the Einstein General Relativity Theory. In the subsection is a description of applications wherein gravity is cancelled by vorticity. In a later section, the quantum description of consciousness will include vorticity. Thus the ability of some religious practioners to achieve levitation resulting from their meditative practice is also potentially explained as described in the section to follow.

3. What, exactly, is the Quantum Hologram?

This topic is ordinarily discussed only by scientists, and can only be reasonably described in their own vocabulary. Less qualified readers might prefer to skip this section.

The question in the sub-title is equivalent to asking, “what is the basis of the quantum description in the physical theory of matter?” In a university course on quantum physics, this question is not addressed. The quantum description of matter is simply described as having a basis in information, with no clear definition of what is “waving” although some scientists have commented that it is something like the ether. Because the claimed existence of a “dark energy” seen in analysis of supernova brightness curves as probably a scalar field in the Einstein 4-dimensional description of space-time has lead some to conclude that the dark energy is the quantum field, we discuss it in such terms. But we feel that the accepted supernova detection of dark energy is not supported by data, since the supernova brightness measurements have not been corrected for the baryonic dark matter seen throughout the cosmic universe, foreground to distant quasars, and revealed by their Lyman-alpha hydrogen gas absorption signatures. In other words, the missing baryonic component of dark matter is probably seen in the Lyman-alpha absorption clouds, which are seen by their absorption line signatures to be absorbing the quasar’s light, and are surely also refracting it, but have not been corrected for in the supernova brightness analysis.

However the understanding of the quantum description of matter as resident in a scalar field as described by Einstein is probably correct. In this case, the quantum field descriptor of matter is a descriptor of an attribute of space itself. It is easiest to understand as each of the 4-dimensions of space-time being complex numbers, with each dimension having a real part as always understood, but also having an associated imaginary part, meaning each dimension has an associated attribute of frequency. In pure mathematics, this is described as a 4-dimensional Stein manifold, with the relationship of the imaginary part to the real part described by Parseval’s theorem.

In subsequent essays to be written for the FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters) website we will describe how consciousness is related to Helical waves sharing the same quantum space, and as quantum descriptors of vorticity, being off-diagonal components of the Einstein Stress-Energy tensor describing the curvature of space.

Moreover we will see that this description is compatible with the Einstein Strong Principle of Equivalence, which states that all permitted space transfor-mations have a time-like coordinate transformation. With this understanding, it is reasonable to understand that the quantum description of matter is unified with the relativity theory if the Vacuum Zero Point Energy represents the intersection of our imaginary coordinate components with the related imaginary components in all universes of the multi-verse. Thus it follows that if our Universe is comparable to all other universes in the multiverse, the google-valued Vacuum Zero Point Energy measured in our Universe shows that there are a google number of universes in the Multi-verse.

This also puts perspective on UFO properties. An anti-gravity property has often been noted, where the craft hang motionless and silent in the sky. But if the spacecraft can create sufficient vorticity, of a sense to operate through the General Relativity equations as negative off-diagonal terms of the stress-energy tensor that cancel the positive gravitational force, the observed neutral buoyancy of the craft would be achieved.

A second UFO property is similarly explained. Observers describing UFO appearances often describe the unexpected changes in forward motion of the craft, whereby without decelerating to stop, and re-accelerating in a new direction, the craft are instead observed to simply undertake a right-angle turn at normal cruise speed. This would imply impossibly large forces to change the craft’s momentum instantaneously. However, if the mass of the craft, including its occupants, has been cancelled by a vorticity induced by magneto-electrical currents, the mass component that is featured in the principle of equivalence, would be cancelled and with it the craft’s momentum on either the original or the observed altered direction. 

Types of ETs and their Physical Descriptions


Reinerio Hernandez, J.D., MCP, Ph.D. Candidate

Co-Founder, FREE

The purpose of this short essay is to present a very brief overview of the physical diversity of “non human intelligent beings”, i.e., the ETs. Just how many different types of ETs exist? Of course no one really knows but there have been hundreds of different varieties that have been published over the years from many different sources.

Let’s first highlight the issue of how many possible planets are there in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, which might have a suitable climate to house “non human intelligent beings”. The first scientific methodology to reach an estimate on how many habitable planets might exist in our galaxy was “Drake’s Equation” which was proposed 1961 by radio astronomer Dr. Frank Drake. Even though his initial equation has proven to be problematic, he estimated that just in our own galaxy there were approximately 36.4 million suitable planets.

In 2012, a new study released at the 219th American Astronomical Society meeting found that there are some 17 billion Earth-sized planets in our galaxy using a technique called gravitational microlensing. You got that correct-- 17 billion Earth-sized planets in our own galaxy that might be suitable for “non human intelligent beings”.

Now we need to multiply this number with the number of galaxies in our universe. A recent German super-computer simulation estimates that the number of galaxies in our universe to be as high as 500 billion, with many older than the Milky Way. Based upon these computer simulations we can now guess how many planets might exist that might sustain some type of life form. To arrive at this figure we need to multiply the 17 billion planets in our own galaxy by the estimated 500 billion galaxies in our universe. I am not good at multiplication so I encourage you to do your own calculation: 17 billion X 500 billion = 17,000,000,000 X 500,000,000,000.

Now you have to consider all the different theories proposed by many

Physicists, such as our own Dr. Rudy Schild and Dr. Edgar Mitchell, two members of FREE’s Advisory Board, who propose the possibility of multi-universes and the ability to travel between these unknown multiverses as revealed by various theories such as the Quantum Hologram theory among others. I now pose the question: “How many planets are there in our physical reality that might be suitable for ‘non human intelligent beings’”?

Based upon this almost infinite number of planets that might be suitable for non human intelligent beings, why do so many of us think that there are no other intelligent beings in our reality? Why do so many individuals still believe that we are on “top of the food chain”? What makes one so arrogant that humanity is all alone? Out of these uncountable numbers of Earth-like planets, what might be the physical, intellectual, and spiritual diversity of these intelligent beings that certainly inhabit some of these planets? If you think that planet Earth is diverse, what might our cosmos have in store for us?

Now that we have clearly understood that there are literally almost an infinite amount of suitable planets that might sustain possible non human intelligent beings, let’s explore the different types of ETs that have been reported to have had encounters with humans. Let me now provide just a brief summary of the different ET varieties I will be discussing in this short essay:

1. Greys

2. Human Looking Beings

3. Reptilians

4. Mantids & Insectoids

5. Angelic Beings

6. Energy/Apparitional Beings

7. Bigfoot/Hairy Mammalian

8. Animal Looking Beings

Other Resources:

Barbara Lamb Videos with drawings of different types of ETs:

Dr. Michael Salla’s overview of different types of ETs:

1. Greys

The “Greys” are the most well know variety of ETs, non human intelligent beings, outside of what are described as Angels/Spirits/Ghosts. Greys are also called Grays, Roswell Greys, Zetas, among other names. The Greys were first publicized with the 1947 Roswell crash. Later, the Betty and Barney hill abduction case of 1961 also involved Greys. There have been thousands of different types of Greys reported.

They have been reported in different sizes, from 3 feet up to 9 feet tall. Most report them as having a “grey” color but many are reported in many different colors, the most popular being different shades of blue. The Greys are commonly known for their large heads and large eyes but some report different head sizes with different eye colors, shapes, etc. Even though the majority indicate no noticeable nose or ears, some do come with these added features of many shapes and sizes. Some have been reported with hundreds of different types of clothing while others have no clothing.

Let’s discuss the general characteristics that comprise this category. What does a typical Grey look like? The basic characteristics for the “typical” grey involves the following: humanoid features with 2 legs and 2 arms; short, usually 3-4 feet tall; sexless, no gender; skin is usually grey skinned and smooth; the head is usually much larger than a humans’; they have large black eyes, tiny holes instead of a nose, and small slots for their ears; have a elongated body with a small chest and lack in muscular definition; visible skeletal. Their legs are shorter and jointed differently from what one would expect in a human. But what usually sticks out for the Greys are their large hairless heads and large black eyes. Again, even though there are thousands of types reported, this is the “typical” Grey.

Little Black Man, with a tight silver shiny suit, with big eyes, long hair:

Becky Andreasson’s websie:

Chris Bledsoe’s video:

Jim Sparks’ website:

Drawings of Different Greys

This grey was drawn by Chris Bledsoe, a contactee friend who lives in North Carolina. I personally took this picture in Chris’s living room. It had a blue/grey color. Chris informed me that 4 other men and various members of his family have seen this entity on more than one occasion. This being is approximately 7 feet tall and it could bend its legs and arms and run like a gazelle, very fast. Chris is not scared of this being because he informed me that they did not harm him but instead cured him of his “Crohn’s Disease” and he calls these Greys “The Watchers”. He believes that they are messengers of God here to watch over us and planet Earth. He has received many messages from this type of tall grey that we must protect our planet.

The following picture has been featured prominently in many of Whitley Strieber’s books. Whitley is a on FREE’s Board of Advisors. The Greys, says Mr. Strieber, are just one of the many different types of “non human intelligent beings” that he has been in close contact with. “These people were not androids or robots. They were complex, richly alive beings who were obviously incredibly and totally different from us,” he says. Strieber says he decided to write The Grays because the truth about these beings “is too elusive to bring to genuinely sharp focus in factual narrative.” Strieber came up with the term ‘visitor’ to replace ‘alien’ because he does not necessarily believe that aliens are behind the close encounter phenomenon, preferring instead to leave the question of their origin open until further evidence is discovered. 

This is a drawing of a small grey drawn by Betty Andreasson, a famous contactee in Ray Fowler’s series of books titled “The Watcher”. She described them as being 4 feet tall, except for one who was a foot taller, and had big eyes, no nose, gray color, and wore military type blue overalls with some sort of sash across their chest which also contained a badge with a figure of a bird on their sleeves. They also wore heavy boots but they did not walk, they floated a little bit off the ground. This particular Grey provided Betty with a gift.  

A group of Greys appearing before Betty before she was brought up to the craft.

This grey appeared before Betty’s daughter, Becky, who is a friend of mine. This Grey was showing Betty how to play a game with a toy.

Drawing done my Jim Sparks, author of “The Keepers” of a Grey who was teaching how to read an ET language.

More pictures from Jim Sparks where the Greys were taking semen samples and performing various types of medical procedures. In one of these procedures, these Greys filled a box of black substance that was the residue from tar in his lung linings caused by his smoking. In essence, his lungs were cleaned out. Just like Chris Bledsoe, Jim’s Greys also expressed concern for the ecology of our planet.

These Greys were seen by Travis Walton from his book “Fire in the Sky”. Note that their features appear more human looking than the “typical” Grey. He described 3 of them wearing an orange jumpsuit and they were “shorter than five feet, and they had bald heads, no hair. Their heads were domed, very large. They had large eyes, enormous eyes, almost all brown, without much white in them." Their ears, noses and mouths "seemed real small, maybe just because their eyes were so huge." (Clark, 646)

Drawing by “Linda”, a contactee, documented on chapter 6 of Dr. Edith Fiore’s book titled “Encounters: A Psychologist Reveals Case Studies of Abductions by Extraterrestrials”. She describes how these aliens performed surgery on her and cured her of CANCER. She described this particular Gray looking ET as “very, very tall. I feel really tiny compared to him… very tall and thin.” He was wearing a “big collar that comes up and was wearing a long robe. These ETs were “wearing similar outfits, but all different colors, very pale colors… they shimmer a little bit. Their hands are long and have fingers that are about 5 inches longer than hers.  


The Human looking ETs, also commonly referred to as Nordics, Pleiadians, and many other names, are probably the most well known ETs to mankind except we have described them under different names. All of ancient history is filled with Human looking beings arriving from other planets to interact with humanity. In addition, the folkloric traditions for much of humanity have passed down stories of human looking beings that were responsible for the genesis of the human race and for helping so many different cultures. Because this history is diverse and lengthy, and because so much has been written about human looking ETs from ancient history or the folkloric traditions, I will only make reference to various websites:

The human looking beings are said to resemble European racial images, or more specifically Nordic-Scandinavians. They are typically described in height as 6 to 9 feet tall with long blond hair and blue or green eyes. Their skin ranges from light skin to tanned. All appear to be in excellent physical shape. From various accounts, all are clothed and they are described as wearing many different types of skintight clothes and many different types of long robes-- the most common being a white robe. The internet contains hundreds of individuals who have seen and interacted with these human looking ETs. Hundreds of books in have been written by contactees of their contact experiences with these types of beings. The overwhelming majority of these contact experiences have been positive. I have personal spoken with at least 50 contactees who have told me of their personal benevolent stories with these types of ETs.   

Drawings of Human Looking ETs

Both Betty Andreasson and her daughter, Becky, have seen and are still seeing human looking ETs which they call “The Elders”. These beings were seen by Betty and Becky.

These are drawings of human looking ETs seen by Becky, the daughter of Betty Andreasson.

In August of 2012, my wife and her sister (both are “contactees”) were on a spiritual retreat in the mountains between Mexico City and the town of Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico and each saw three human looking beings, dressed in long white robes, float on the side of a hill, less than 100 feet away from them. They appeared very tall, approximately 8-9 feet tall, and glided or floated several feet off the ground instead of walking. They appeared for about 3 minutes and they then disappeared.  

Additional Resources

3. Reptilians

Reptilians, also called Reptoids, is a general category for beings that have several generalized characteristic. They have been reported to be from 5 to 9 feet in height. They have lean muscular bodies. They generally have long arms with 3 long fingers and an opposable thumb with two feet and with claws in toes. They also have scaled skin that is usually categorized as primarily greenish with some brown color. Their entire body, face, hands, body, legs, are covered with small scales. Their face has wide lipless mouths with large black eyes with vertical slit pupils and a small flattened nose. Most report no ears, except for a small slit. Some report that they have gills on the side of their necks. They also do not have any body or facial hair. Most are reported with tails of various lengths but many do not. There have been numerous and diverse reports of their genitalia or lack thereof.  

Drawings of Reptilians

Review the DVD titled “Physical Contact with Reptilian ETs-- True Case Studies, by Barbara Lamb.

Reptoids drawn by Jim Sparks in his book “The Keepers”

The following picture is from the following website of Barbara Lamb:

Additional Resources

Barbara Lamb and a Reptilian:

Barbara Lamb’s website:

4. Mantids & Insectoids

The following account was written by Giles Campbell, a research geneticist and member of FREE’s Advisory Board.

“… In October/early November 2010 I was sleeping and I was woken

by a strobe like flashing light which seemed to be in my head. I thought “aha! I am having a seizure, I must have a tumor which is why I am having all these experiences.” I was very calm and was wondering how I could get to my phone to call an ambulance. I remember a feeling of satisfaction I had finally solved my problem. I struggled to open my eyes and succeeded. I realized that the strobing light was filling my room, I could only move my head and eyes. I knew something odd was occurring and I surveyed my room for details to ensure I was not dreaming. Again everything was just as I left it, I could hear my cat sleeping on the end of my bed and as I looked to my right and there was a six foot being standing next to my bed staring at me. I managed to shift position so I was looking straight at this entity and study it for what seemed to be 2-3 minutes.

This creature had huge almond big black eyes, and resembled a preying mantis in some respects but there was very little insect about it. It was very slender, its skin was transparent and I could make out what seemed like blood vessels under the skin which appeared to have tiny balls of light moving through them. I could also make out its skeleton amongst all the other anatomical detail, the skeleton looked almost like an opaque glass. Its head was big and it had what looked like 2 short fleshy antennae on its head, also translucent. The being had a blue/purple sort of glow to it, it was like a coloured haze around the entire creature. It had slender, long arms, and had these had a very similar appearance to a preying mantis. It stood completely motionless, staring at me, I had little or no fear at this point, I was fascinated, I just wanted to get as much detail as possible. I decided to speak to it and for some reason I said “hello, can I help you?” (I do remember thinking how I sounded like a sales person, and how utterly ridiculous that must have sounded). Shortly after this it vanished with a flash of white light.

After these two experiences there was a period of 6-10 days where I experienced total peace with understanding of things I now struggle to recall. It was a state of mind like I understood everything but at the same time wasn’t sure what it was I understood. I felt a connectedness to everything around me. I really struggled socially for a while as it was almost like I could feel people’s emotions and negativity. I lost my appetite and suffered exhaustion for the following 6 weeks. I also developed a strange debilitating fatigue which would come and go brought on at work, around specific people. These sensations eventually faded and left me very confused and concerned about my mental health.”



Drawings of Mandids and Insectoids

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Video of Simon Parkes, a local British Politician:

5. Angelic Beings

The internet contains thousands of individuals that have seen angelic beings. Let me highlight just one story. When I met with Chris Bledsoe at his home in North Carolina, he told me that several tall 7-8 foot blue/grey colored “Greys” brought him to an entity he identified as the Virgin Mary. He told me that they bowed down to her. He described her as looking very similar to the following painting except that she was about 9 feet tall and seemed to float slightly off the ground. He was on the floor when he looked up and saw her.   

Drawing of Angelic Beings

Replica of Virgin Mary seen by Chris Bledsoe. I made this poster for Chris and his wife

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Spiritual ETs: A video presentation by Barbara Lamb

6. Energy/Apparitional Being

On Sunday morning, March 18, 2012, my wife and I saw at different times two different objects in the corner of the first floor of our living room in our house.

At approximately 6:30 am that day, our almost 17 year old jack russel terrier, Nena, barked at my wife in her bedroom, notifying her that she wanted to go to the bathroom. Nena had a stroke the previous day and was totally paralyzed and could not walk. We were going to our Vet the next day to put her to sleep. My wife checked out Nena that morning and she was still partially paralyzed and could not walk. My wife had to carry Nena down the stairs.

When she arrived downstairs, she saw a glowing ¾ orb (shaped like an upside down letter U. It was approximately 2 ft in width and 1.5 ft in height. The object was very light gray/silver in color. The object had two vertical small round lights inside which blinked two green pulsating laser lights which were pointing directly at my wife. The light stream was not wide but slim in width. The object’s bottom left side emitted bursts of very bright florescent white light, some long and some short, when my wife started praying to this object. The object was located near a corner wall and appeared to be floating about 4-5 feet off the ground. (See Exhibit 1 which is a drawing of the object my wife saw next to this wall)

My wife was born and raised in Mexico and was raised as an ultra-conservative Catholic. She attends mass every Sunday and attends various ministries during the week. She is against contraception and heartily believes in the Virgin Mary and in Angels. Upon seeing this object she thought it was the Virgin Mary or some other type of heavenly Angel. My wife knelt down and started to pray in Spanish and started to telepathically talk with the “Angel”. The object seemed to respond by emitting the white bursts of light on its side and more blinking of the green laser lights after each of her questions or inquiries. She was holding our dog at the time and asked this “Angel” that if indeed it was an Angel, she only asked one favor-- that her dog, Nena, not suffer in her sickness. Both green lights inside this object then began to blink rapidly and the white side flashes then started to go a longer distance than before. My wife believed that this was a positive response to her prayers.

After 5 minutes of observing and communicating with this object, she started to yell for me to come downstairs. I was upstairs sleeping, woke up, heard her yelling and I ignored her because it was Sunday morning and I did not sleep well the night before and wanted to sleep. After 5 minutes of her yelling at me with no response, she came upstairs and literally pulled me from the bed. She did not tell me what she saw-- she just wanted me to go downstairs and that it was an emergency.

At that time, I was a pure rationalist. I was an agnostic regarding a belief in God or religion. I went to Catholic mass but just to comfort my wife. I had never read any UFO, ancient alien, paranormal, cosmology, or other similar “new age” books. I believed that all the new age “metaphysics” literature was pure BS from ex-hippies even I was one living in Berkeley, CA from 1981 to 1988 while attending a Ph.D. Program in City and Regional Planning. I was a total skeptic. I am currently an attorney employed by a federal agency in South Florida. I previously worked as a university professor at various colleges and was a top administrator in various agencies for the City of New York. I was a pure rationalist and any “metaphysics” or UFO related themes were pure B.S. On that day, my world view came crashing down.

When I got downstairs, I did not see that an upside-down U object but an object which I am calling a “Plasma Energy Being”-- in fact, in hindsight, I now believe that it was a non-human intelligent being-- what we now refer to as an “ET”. 

(See Exhibit 2 which is my drawing of this “Plasma Energy Being”.)

The object did not appear to have edges but seemed like a fluid object with constant movement inside and on the edges of the object. Inside were translucent multi-colored lights similar to plasma. Each color was not unique and separate like a rainbow but more meshed like colored water and the energy colors were constantly mixing. It seemed to be full of energy with colors floating stationary in the air. The Plasma Energy Being appeared to be about 2-3 ft in length and 1-2 feet in height. It was about 4-5 feet off the ground in the same corner wall that the U-shaped object was previously seen by my wife.

I looked at this object for about 10 seconds. Afterwards, I just thought that this observation was nothing special, not important, and I just waved my hand at it and said outloud, “this is bull shot”, and told my wife I was going back to bed. I went upstairs, went to bed and while in a semi-conscious state, stared up at the ceiling with my hands folded on my belly and stayed in that position, looking straight at the ceailing for about 15 minutes.

About 15 minutes later, I “woke up” from this semi-conscious hypnotic trance and thought “holly shit what the hell just happened” and I ran downstairs. My wife was still on the first floor but by then the object was gone. What I saw was her running around the living room with her hands waiving in the air and playing with my fully healed dog who was also running around and jumping up and down. My wife began screaming, “The angels cured her, the angels cured her!” She was laughing and playing with Nena. I asked my wife what happened and she just stated that the Angels “cured her”-- “El angel la sano. El angel la sano”. Our dog, “Nena”, was previously diagnosed with an enlarged heart and kidney problems and then began taking diuretics and Viagra for her heart and had to go to the bathroom many times both day and night. She was like an old lady in a nursing home, barely ambulating around. Now she was like a young kid, jumping very high in the air and running around after my wife. She appeared cured of all her other ailments, including her paralysis, because she became extremely active and not sluggish like she was previous to her “miracously cure”. All of these facts can be confirmed by several very close friends who had seen her paralyzed the day before and were surprised to see her running around days later. They thought we were putting her to sleep after her paralysis. When we told them our “story” they were speechless.

My wife does not want to speak much about the incident and acted like nothing of consequence happened. By the way, my wife insists that by the time I arrived downstairs the first time, she could not see either the ¾ Orb or the floating “Plasma Energy Being”. In fact, she never did see the floating Plasma Energy Being at all. I also do not recall either speaking with my wife or even seeing her when I was downstairs looking at this Plasma Energy Being. All of my focus was on this floating Energy Being. I was in a trance when I initially got downstairs and remained in this trance for the next 15 minutes.

Our living room corner wall is on the northwestern corner of our house. At 7 am that corner is dark because light does not enter that corner. We have closed drapes on the Western window as well and that part was dark because the sun was just rising on the southeastern side. We also have a wall dividing the windows from the sun rising in the east from this western corner. We know what we saw was not an optical illusion.

Drawings and Pictures of Energy/Apparitional Beings

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7. Bigfoot/Hairy Mammalian

“Under Construction”

Drawings of Bigfoot and Hairy Mamalians

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8. Animal Looking Beings

“Under Construction”

Drawings of Animal Looking Beings

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