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Reiki, meaning (Rei) Universal Spirit (Ki) Energy, is derived from an ancient

Tibetan Buddhist healing modality from thousands of years ago. Also known as

laying on of hands, it more recently has been passed down over the last few

centuries and was resurrected by one great man, Master Mikao Usui.

In the mid 1800’s, a Japanese professor named Dr. Mikao Usui, found in an

old Buddhist temple, some writings fashioned in Sanskrit. Within these writings

were formulas and symbols that peaked his curiosity. After 21 days of studying

and meditating on his new discovery, a series of visions came to him on Mt.

Kurama ( Horse Saddle Mountain).These visions helped him translate the text

and symbols into a set of instructions for healing. This system became known as

the “Usui Reiki System.”

The Usui Reiki System is the framework for everything you will learn in my

Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master/Instructor Level III classes.

In these classes, I will teach you how to be a pure channel of this Universal

Spirit Energy. By using the symbols and concepts, you will be able to heal

yourself and others as the Reiki energy multiplies exponentially within you more

and more every day you use it.

The most important thing to remember when performing Reiki is the word

INTENTION. You may place your hands in the wrong position when conducting

a treatment or you may draw the sacred Reiki symbols incorrectly while executing

a healing or attunement. Just so your INTENSIONS are true and genuine within

Reiki and God, the Reiki Guides and Gods will fix your errors.

Look at Reiki as if we are all part of God, the Infinite Source, Universal Spirit

Energy or whatever you choose to call that unlimited power. Without us, people

and everything else in the Universe, Reiki has no power. Since reality throughout

the Universe does exist, we all have infinite power within God and Reiki. Now, I

am going to show you how to tap into it.

First you need Attunement one to truly get started. The Reiki Master needs to

open your Chakras, clear and cleanse the immediate environment and do a chimney

sweep of your body, mind, spirit to make sure that the Master and the subject both

have compatible spiritual energies and frequencies.

If not, by raising his own vibration, the Master can synchronize the collective

energy fields and soul circles to establish a metaphysical chemistry before he gets

started. Once a oneness in spirit between the two has occurred, only then can we


At this juncture, I am going to introduce the term, Reiki State or State of Reiki.

The Reiki State is necessary for conducting Reiki Treatments and Attunements.

For now, focus on treatments as you must be a Reiki Master to pass on the Reiki


Reiki State consists of 6 parts:

Achieve the deepest level of meditation possible.

Say the Reiki Prayer in your mind.

Hold the Hui Yin position.

Employ the proper breathing technique.

Feel the Reiki energy pulse through your body, mind, spirit.

Push it to grow in intensity.

6) Draw the Reiki symbols in your mind or on paper.

Next I will explain each of these components in detail.


 Meditation is the easy part. I already know that your spirit operates in the

light. Therefore, I am not going to tell you how to meditate. I want you to do

it the way that connects you closest to your enlightened self.


Dear God, Master Usui and all available Reiki Masters, please assist me in becoming a pure

channel for loving Reiki energy and provide me

with guidance and protection.


The Hui Yin (who yin) position must be achieved next. Our bodies are

surrounded by 2 main energy channels. They are the Functional and Governor

channels. These channels connect all energy centers of our body.

The Functional channel moves upward from the Hui Yin or perineum, (the

area between the anus and reproductive organs), then travels up through the

center line on the front of the body.

The Governor channel begins at the Hui Yin as well. It goes back to the tip

of the coccyx and then rises up through the spinal column. Continuing up along

the surface of the brain to the crown, it descends through the middle of the face

and ends up at the palate at the roof of the mouth. 

To shut the Hui Yin and activate the energy flow that builds from your body,

mind and spirit, contract the anus and then draw the muscles up and in. Don’t

do it too hard because this will disconnect you. Then complete the circuit of

energy by placing the tip of your tongue to the palate or roof of the mouth, right

behind the top teeth. This will loop the energy in and around you creating what is

called a Microcosmic Orbit. Reference the illustrations of the Hara Line and the

Microcosmic Orbit on the next page.


There are two schools of thought on breathing while performing Reiki. One is

to breathe while holding the Hui Yin position and making sure that you don’t

move your tongue from the roof of your mouth. The other is to hold your breathe,

as much as you can, especially while passing Attunements. I prefer to breathe, but

you do it the way your spirit guides you best.

Ideally, you want to breathe slow and deep in through your nose and exhale

quickly through your mouth. When you exhale, don’t force the air out. Allow it to

escape naturally. It is also correct to inhale and exhale through your nose only.

Your method of respiration is up to you. You can do it either way or just one. Let

your spirit and the Reiki spirits guide you. 


Start to allow yourself to feel the Reiki energy. How will you know? You will

know, just trust your instincts. A tingling sensation or goose bumps might occur.

It varies based on the individual. Acknowledge that some powerful energy is passing

through you and then learn to harness it. Feel it pulsate and push it to grow in

intensity. If you have trouble feeling this, keep trying, it will come to you.


There is a running debate in the Reiki academic community as to whether your

Reiki Master should share all of the symbols with you before you have received

Reiki Attunements 2 and 3. Since I always allow my spirit and the Reiki Guides

to guide me, I am being told to share all of them with you. Diane Stein, whose

books on Reiki are brilliant, operates from the same philosophy. I remember

reading her publication, “Essential Reiki, A Complete Guide To An Ancient

Healing Art.” Before I had received my first Attunement, my soul started to

shift, my intuition became more acute and I could feel my spirit grow. This all

became activated by studying her manual, drawing the symbols and using the

symbols for their intended purpose. Therefore, I am going to share all of them

with you. 

Note that some symbols can be drawn multiple ways. I want you to allow

yourself to be guided to the symbols that resonate best with you. Practice drawing

them. First say the Reiki prayer and then ask that if you draw the symbols wrong

that the Reiki Masters and Guides will correct them for you. Remember, it’s all

about INTENTION.   


Tam A Ra Sha is the balancing symbol. It can open one or more of your

Chakras. The practitioner and or the subject will be balanced and grounded

from using this symbol. It is also necessary in the Attunement process.

Tam A Ra Sha drawn counterclockwise will balance and ground energy

to your physical body.

Tam A Ra Sha drawn clockwise will balance and ground energy to the

Spiritual body.

It is also useful in healing a specific area of pain faster and if you picture

the symbol in your mind. Plus, it keeps the Reiki energy flowing more









The Reiki 2 Attunement is your next step in ascending up the path to Enlightenment.

Most of us have blockages that we are not fully aware of. Reiki 2 will release congestion

from the mental and emotional self, such as fear and anger, that is blocking your spiritual

growth. By doing so, you will experience an expansion of your intuitive center.

After you receive your Reiki 2 Attunement, it is quite possible that you may

experience feelings of confusion, almost like a lost soul. You may cry or go through a

rollercoaster of emotions as the Attunement processes within your spirit. Old dormant

thoughts and feelings may surface because they are being forced out. If this occurs, don’t

worry. It’s necessary for you to relinquish lower energies that are stunting your

maturation. As with all Attunements, the processing period takes at least 21 days and

could go on as long as a year or more. However long your processing takes, rest assured

that the Reiki Guides and Protectors are leading your spirit the entire way.

“INITIATION,” is another term used for Reiki 2 because this Attunement allows you

to use the power of the 3 level 2 symbols. You literally ascend to a greater dimension and

higher frequency. With pure and loving INTENTIONS, these symbols activate within

your spirit and the Reiki energy simultaneously. This enables you to vibrate at a higher

conscious level. Now, I will introduce you to the 3 Reiki 2 symbols so that you can begin


Assume the Reiki State first. Then draw, visualize, chant

and say them in your mind or any combination to activate




The Light Switch

Increase Power


Put The Power Here

God is Here


 In the palm of your hand, on a piece of paper or in your mind, draw the Cho Ku Rei

symbol 3 times. Say it to yourself or out loud, draw it on the roof of your mouth with

your tongue and exhale. Each of these methods will activate the Cho-Ku-Rei.

Cho Ku Rei can be used on people, places, things, animals or anything to increase

power or protect you from negativity. Use it during self healing and the healing of others

as it does increase the power of your intention. Get in the habit of using Cho-Ku-Rei at

the beginning of a treatment to increase power and at the end to seal off the Reiki

energies. Always use Cho-Ku-Rei in conjunction with the other symbols.

Note that Cho-Ku-Rei is drawn both clockwise and counterclockwise. Draw it both

ways to see which way resonates best with your spirit. Cho-Ku-Rei drawn twice, once in

each direction side by side, can be used for manifesting.


Emotional Healing, Purification, Protection and Clearing

God and Man Coming Together

Harmony, Peace



Sei-He-Ki aligns the upper chakras and brings divinity into human energy patterns.

Used in healing, Sei-He-Ki enables the receiver to pinpoint the emotions specific to their

needs for that healing and release them easily.

Activating the source within is synonymous with Sei-He-Ki. An awakening and

purifying of the Kundalini, along with healing the mind-body connection through the

subconscious is also a result of invoking the Sei-He-Ki.

Balance is another strong attribute when using this symbol. Your mind, emotions and

gender energies can be harmonized with Sei-He-Ki. It also is instrumental in promoting

harmony with the subconscious and your physical side.

Draw it twice upside down over the head or body and you can create synchronization

between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Other uses for Sei-He-Ki are relationship issues, anger, fear, nervousness, depression,

sadness, anything emotional and mental. Sei-He-Ki activates your unconscious mind

which plays into strengthening affirmations and locating lost objects. Pick an affirmation

and focus on it being placed in your subconscious mind. Chant Sei-He-Ki 3 times or in

multiples of 3. This empowers the Reiki energy to manifest your wishes. 


Distance Healing Symbol

No Past, No Present, No Future

“The Buddha In Me Contacts The Buddha In You”

The Akashic Records

This symbol knows no boundaries. It is not limited by the physical world.

Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen is omnipresent within the Universe, therefore there is no time and

space. Spanning all dimensions simultaneously, it can be used to heal the past, present

and future at the same time. This is why its power resides strongest within Distance


Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen grants you access to the Akashic Records, which are the

collective life records of each soul. Since the lifetime we are experiencing right now is a

product of reincarnation and karma, this symbol is highly beneficial is karmic healing.

Tragedies and deeply scarring experiences from this lifetime affect who we are. Past

and parallel lives influence our thoughts and behavior as well. Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen can

travel across dimensions and heal these subconscious issues. You can also use this

symbol to heal people remotely.

The key to Distance Healing is to allow the Reiki energy to locate the “Point Of

Greatest Need” or the Source. For example, if someone has a bad back, don’t focus the

Reiki energy into ones back. Ask that the Reiki Guides will direct the energy to the most

appropriate place.

Just like with all the symbols, Reiki is not limited to only healing people. It can be

used on animals, electronics, places, physical objects and situations. There is no limit to

what Reiki can heal.


 Begin by drawing the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen in your hands and in the air. This opens

the door through which you will be channeling. Then chant the symbol 3 times. Next,

concentrate on your intention. What are you trying to heal?

To treat any issues from the past, visualize your subject in their past and try to include

as many specific details as possible. Ask the Reiki Guides to identify, locate and remove

any harmful energy that is blocking their ascension. Send Reiki energy to heal the past

memory by drawing and or saying Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen 3 times. While conducting the

session, allow your spirit to feel like there is no time, space or separation. This channels

the Reiki energy more effectively. 


Now you have some basic knowledge about the the 3 level 2 symbols. Receiving your

Reiki 2 Attunement enables you to activate these symbols using the Universal Spirit

Energy. Draw them every day, chant them and visualize them as if you are drawing them

in your mind. The more you use them, the more powerful you will become within God

and Reiki.

With great knowledge comes great responsibility. Tibetan Buddhist Monks guarded

these symbols, as if they were some kind of sacred spiritual currency, for 100’s maybe

1,000’s of years. Proceed in life knowing you have the power of God and Reiki on

your side. Use this ancient knowledge to better yourself and more importantly, to help

other people. Remember, with good INTENTIONS, the path to Enlightenment becomes

easy to navigate.


As a Reiki Master, Spiritual Healer and Ordained Metaphysical Minister, I will employ a few techniques in addition to Reiki to maximize your treatment session. First,

I will talk to you to locate the source of your pain or condition. Then, I will perform Reiki and hands on healing. Next, I will administer more energy work and I will finish with

Angel Therapy. Just before you leave, I will ask you to write your name and any other

information you wish for me to have, on a piece of paper. When I meditate at night, like I always do, I will perform psychometry on you as well by using the physical energy of your name and handwriting.